Homoeocon Foundation

Its evolution

As a team of beneficiaries of the tutelage of our teacher and inspiration of the veteran homoeopath Col (Hony) Dr. Anil Habbu, we always wished to create occasions to share his experiences and practice methods which are legendary.  We present here the evolution of Homoeocon that is based out of, and, conducts its activities in Pune.

The Journey..


Dr. Anil Habbu was hosting, at his home in Pune, Dr. John English, a veteran teacher at the Faculty of Homoeopathy, London. Using this golden confluence, a seminar was organised at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Auditorium. The seminar was intended for students and junior practitioners and was aptly named “Homoeopathy Made Easy” and was extremely well received. We were lucky to have Dr. M P Arya, a very senior and loved homoeopathic academician and teacher (to nearly all of us) as the chairperson whose stature added heft to the event.


Years went by and again we learnt of the visit of another senior homoeopath Dr. Eddy Thielens from Belgium (once a teacher at George Vithoulkas’ academy in Greece) to Dr. Anil Habbu in early 2018.

We decided to seize the opportunity and to make their collective wisdom available to a larger community of homoeopaths through a conference.

However, at this stage, we decided to do this activity in a structured way by creating a platform where we could disseminate high quality and reliable homoeopathic knowledge to young students, as well as practitioners, both junior as well as senior.  We would call this platform HOMOEOCON and at that point, we called ourselves as ‘Team Homoeocon’. 

It is then that Dr. Anil Habbu expressed his desire that he would like to start a Memorial Oration in the fond memory of his late father Dr. V K Habbu and to have it at the Homoeocon platform. Dr. V K Habbu was a giant homoeopathic prescriber in his own right. He had switched over from allopathy to homoeopathic practice after seeing a case of gangrene of the foot getting cured by a prescription made by the homoeopath Dr. L D Dhawale in the 1960s. Subsequently, he was the inspiration that made Dr. Anil Habbu study Homoeopathy after a postgraduate degree in Modern Medicine in 1975. To honour the memory of Late Dr. V K Habbu, the ‘V K Habbu Memorial Oration’ was thus instituted at Homoeocon.

Considering his high stature and popularity amongst the homoeopathic fraternity, we requested Dr. M P Arya to be the Chairperson for all the Homoeocons. We have been lucky to have received his gracious acceptance.

Thus, the first HOMOEOCON was held in January 2018 at Sheraton Grand Hotel. Dr. Eddy Thielens kindly agreed to deliver the first Dr. V K Habbu Memorial Oration Lecture at Homoeocon 2018. 


Seeing the great response we got to Homoeocon 2018, coupled with a huge demand from students, interns and practising doctors we decided to make it an annual conference. And so Homoeocon 2019 was held at a more spacious venue at Symbiosis, Viman Nagar.  Dr. P V Venkatraman from Chennai was our guest speaker for the V K Habbu Memorial Oration Lecture.

After the success of Homoeocon 2019, we envisaged creating a formal entity with the mission of imparting quality homoeopathic education through conferences, seminars and study groups and facilitate research in the field. This led us to incorporate Homoeocon Foundation, a non-profit company. And thus, Team Homoeocon became “Homoeocon Foundation”.


Homoeocon 2020 was held on 7 – 8 March at Symbiosis International Auditorium, Viman Nagar, the first to be held under the auspices of the Homoeocon Foundation.
The V K Habbu Memorial Oration was delivered by the world-renowned homoeopath Prof. George Vithoulkas!


With this background of a positive response, increased vigour and enhanced experience, we bring you the 2021 edition of Homoeocon. Given the restrictions due to Covid-19, we will be conducting this event in the e-Webinar format and hope to reach out to a much larger audience. We look forward to seeing you at Homoeocon 2021 from 19 – 21 February

Governing Body


Col (Hony) Dr Anil Habbu

M.D. (PSM) Grant Medical College, Mumbai Member of the Faculty of Homoeopathy – London. Has been practicing Homoeopathy since 1975 with remarkable success.

In 2007 he was conferred the rank of Honorary Colonel by the Honourable President of India for his services to the armed forces viz. pro bono out-patient clinic conducted fortnightly at the 101 Territorial Army Battalion (MLI) since 1989.

Has been associated with Dhondumama Sathe Homoeopathic Medical College both as a teacher and OPD consultant till the year 2000. Has been a Homoeopathic Consultant at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital for several years.

He is well known for his astute clinical acumen which enables him to prescribe accurately in very short time, a skill honed by painstaking observation and efforts. He has mentored many  young doctor who today are proud to be his students and are doing well in their own practices.

Mrs. Pratima Habbu

Spouse and silent strength of Dr. Anil Habbu – a constant source of support which has helped him devote most of his time to the practice of Homoeopathy.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Jitendra Lodha ,MD (Hom)
    Practicing Homoeopathy for 29 years, managing 2 clinics
  • Dr. Mohamad Wadiwala, BHMS. Practicing Homoeopathy for 27 years, managing 3 clinics and is consultant at Sahyadri Hospital, Hadapsar.
  • Dr. Kiran Wadiwala, BHMS. Practicing Homoeopathy for 24 years, managing 3 clinics
  • Dr. Sachin Mehta, BHMS. Practicing Homoeopathy for 21 years and an Honorary teacher at Bharati Vidyapeeth Homoeopathic Medical College.
  • Dr. Amit Habbu, MD (Med), DNB, MF (Hom), Diploma IACH Greece. Practicing Homoeopathy since 12 years in Mumbai and Pune.
  • Dr. Aditi Habbu, MBBS, DCH, MF (Hom). Is a paediatrician and has been practicing Homoeopathy for 13 years in Pune.
  • Dr. Sacheen Khirid, MD (Hom). Practicing Homoeopathy for 17 years and manages 3 clinics in Pune and is also a consultant at NyayMurti Ranade Homoeopathic Hospital, Pune.
  • Dr. Aditi Khirid, MD (Hom). Practicing Homoeopathy for 17 years and manages 3 clinics in Pune
  • Dr. Siddharth Lodha, BHMS. Pursuing his Masters in Homoeopathy and is the youngest member of the Foundation.

Patron - Dr. M P Arya

Holds an MD in Homoeopathic Repertory and is a veteran teacher of Homoeopathy and is from the first batch of L.C.E.H. of Bombay Homoeopathic Medical College in 1960. He also holds a B.Sc.(Hons) in Anatomy, Embryology, Genetics and Comparative Anatomy form G.S. Seth Medical College – Bombay University.

He is extremely passionate about teaching and has held many an important post including the Principal of Bombay Homoeopathic Medical College, Principal of Dhondumama Sathe Homoeopathic College Pune, and a graduate, postgraduate teacher at nearly every college all over India of the subject of Homoeopathic Repertory. He has also been the Secretary of the Central Council of Homoeopathy, Govt. of India.