Dr V K Habbu Memorial Oration

About Dr. V K Habbu

Late Ex Capt Dr V.K.Habbu, having passed his MBBS from the prestigious G.S.Medical College, Bombay, in 1948, joined the Indian Army for short service commission in 1948. He was posted at Poonch and Rajouri sector wherein on the information from medical team the belly bridge was built overnight and two tanks were sent which helped to retain the sectors. A photograph was published on 9th March, 1948 in London Times ( published herewith ). After completing the short service commission as Captain in the Indian Army, he joined RPTB Hospital for a short time. He started in practice at Sion, Bombay in 1952 as a general pracititioner. In 1956, he was witness to his patient with diabetic foot gangrene  dramatically respond to homoeopathic treatment, and he decided to pursue a year-long course in homeopathy with Dr L D Dhawale. Following this Dr.V.K. Habbu gradually started introducing homeopathic therapeutics in his daily practice and over a period of time between 1958-60 he began to be recognized as a homeopathic practitioner, and by 1962 he was virtually practicing homeopathy alone. He was very successful at the practice of the art and science of homeopathy and soon earned a respected name. He practiced what is now called as Classical Homeopathy i.e. single dose single medicine, and gradually increasing potencies over time.

He died an untimely death at the early age of 60 years in 1981. In his memory, the BMC named a chowk in the vicinity of his clinic as Dr.V.K.Habbu chowk. 

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Dr V K Habbu Memorial Oration

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Dr L M Khan

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The Dr.V K Habbu Memorial Oration 2021.

– 10 am Sunday 21st February 2021

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