Dr Madhur Motwani

Dr Madhur Motwani


Work Experience

Translational Medicine Consultant, Cureskin.ai, Bangalore, India (Oct 2020- Present) Role :
  1. To design and execute clinical research studies to validate the reliability of smartphone based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm in diagnosing, triaging and monitoring the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases (acne, dermatitis, eczema, chronic ulcers) using images. https://cureskin.com
  2. To develop the AI algorithm as a research platform to investigate novel associations and develop new hypotheses using clinical, laboratory and imaging data from research studies and medical records.
Translational Research Lead, Jehangir Clinical Development Centre, Pune,  India (Oct 2018- Oct 2020) Role: 
  1. I advise biotech firms and start-ups on clinical trials specifically by assisting them on clinical trial protocol design, liaising with principal investigators, ethics committee approval and managing the clinical operations.
  2. I design and lead the execution of translational research and human experimental medicine research projects using human bio-specimens or human challenge models with special focus on immunology and dermatology.
Co-Investigator, Centre for Clinical Pharmacology, University College London, UK (Feb 2016- Jun 2017) (Feb 2016- Jun 2017) Study Title : A pilot study utilising Anabasum [a selective cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) agonist] to evaluate the mechanism by which endogenous cannabinoid receptor hastens inflammatory resolution using a skin challenge model in healthy subjects. (performed in collaboration and funded by Corbus Pharmaceuticals, Norwood, MA, USA). Principal investigator: Prof Derek Gilroy. House officer, Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai, India (Feb 2010- Apr 2011)


PhD Immunopharmacology, University College London, UK (Jan 2013- Oct 2017)

  1. We designed and characterised a novel, in vivo, proof of mechanism model to study resolution of acute inflammation in healthy humans.
  2.  We utilised this model to investigate the physiology and pharmacology of specialised pro-resolving mediators and their receptors during a self- resolving inflammatory response.

MRes Clinical and Experimental Medicine,University College London, UK
(Sep 2011- Sept 2012) 

Award : Distinction
Clinical trial design and  Ethical aspects of clinical trials

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery), Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India (affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences) (July 2005- Apr 2011)

Distinction in Pharmacology, Pathology and Microbiolog

Awards and Scholarships

  • Dean’s Research Prize for best PhD project, 2016
  • British Society of Immunology Travel Grant, 2015
  • American Society of Immunology Trainee Abstract Award, 2015
  • TATA Scholar: J.N. Tata Endowment for Higher Studies Abroad, 2011
  • Sir JRD Tata Education Grant for bachelor studies, 2007
  • IndusInd Merit Scholarship for bachelor studies, 2006
  • Prof. Shreemali Best Student Award, Brijlal Biyani Science
    College, Amravati, 2005

Publications (as lead author)

  •  Motwani MP, Colas RA, George MJ, Flint JD, Dalli J, Richard-Londt A, De Maeyer RPH, Serhan CN, Gilroy DW (Mar 2018). Pro-resolving mediators promote resolution in a human skin model of UV-killed Escherichia coli–driven acute
    inflammation. JCI Insight, 3(6).
  • Motwani MP, Bennett F, Norris PC, Maini AA, George MJ, Newson J, Henderson A, Hobbs AJ, Tepper M, White B, Serhan CN, MacAllister R,
    Gilroy DW (Jan 2018) Potent anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving effects of anabasum in a human model of self-resolving acute
    inflammation. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.doi:10.1002/cpt.980.
  •  Motwani MP, Newson J, Kwong S, Richard- Loendt A, Colas R, Dalli J, Gilroy DW (Oct 2017) Prolonged immune alteration following resolution of acute inflammation in humans. PLoS ONE 12(10): e0186964
  • Motwani MP, Flint JD, De Maeyer RP, Fullerton JN, Smith AM, Marks DJ, and Gilroy DW (Jul 2016). Novel translational model of resolving
    inflammation triggered by UV-killed E. coli. J.Pathol.Clin.Res.2,154–165.
  • Motwani MP & Gilroy DW (Aug 2015). Macrophage development and polarization in chronic inflammation. Seminars in Immunology ,27(4),257-266.
  • Jenner W*, Motwani M*, Veighey K, Newson J, Audzevich T, Nicolaou A, Murphy S, MacAllister R, and Gilroy DW (Mar 2014). Characterisation of Leukocytes in a Human Skin Blister Model of
    Acute Inflammation and Resolution. PLoS ONE 9, e89375 (*: Joint first author)

Conference presentations/Invited talks

British Society of Immunology, Liverpool, UK, Dec 2013 Poster titled: Cantharidin skin blister: a novel model for the investigation of inflammatory resolution in skin.

  • American Society of Immunology, New Orleans, USA, May 2015 Talk titled: Exudate Suction Blister: A novel in vivo model of acute inflammation and resolution in humans.
  • Merck Serono Innovation Cup, Frankfurt, Germany, Jun 2015. Finalist at a business plan workshop cum competition to develop novel therapeutic strategy for chronic refractory asthma.
  • World Inflammation Congress, Boston, USA, Aug 2015 Poster titled : A novel translational model of acute resolving inflammation.
  • European Congress of Immunology, Vienna, Austria, Sep
    Poster titled : Exudate Suction Blister: A novel in vivo model of acute inflammation and resolution in humans.
  • Venture Base Camp on Clinical Study Design for Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics, Pune (India), Aug 2019 Invited as a speaker and panel member to discuss with and guide a team of 30 CEOs representing different medical device startups in India on designing clinical investigation plan to gain regulatory approval from CDSCO (India’s central licensing authority)
  • Regulatory Pathway and Clinical Study Design for medical devices and diagnostics, Villgro Unconvention, Bangalore (India), Dec 2019 Invited as a panelist to discuss with startup CEOs, investors and funding bodies on how to adapt clinical trial design for Indian patients and hospitals.
  • Task Force on Repurposing of drugs for COVID-19, Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India, Delhi, April 2020 
– Advisory group member of the task force to support design and setup of new clinical trials.
– Supported study design, preparation of EC dossier and execution of a Real World Evidence study titled TRAC : Retrospective assessment of treatments amongst
hospitalised COVID-19 patients in Pune.

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A Primer to Research Methodology in Evaluating New Drugs

  • 19 February, 2021
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